Let me start off by saying that the creation of this list occurred at a time where I was slightly inebriated and felt 100% qualified to decide the exact traits that identify a f*ck boy.


Now, there are a few good guys who may partake in a few of the behaviours listed below. It does not mean that he is a f*ck boy overall. He may be a good guy with a few minor f*ck boy tendencies, not to be confused with a full-fledged f*ck boy.

There are also f*ck boys who may not do everything on this list, but have other traits that are not listed here. If you feel in your heart that he’s a f*ck boy, regardless of the evidence against him, you should probably leave him alone sis’.

1. He only makes time for his Boys, Bros, Dawgs, Mandem.

He can never seem to make time for you to call, text, or come and see you, but somehow he is always available when his friends call. Whether it’s to play call of duty or go play basketball, his schedule magically opens up, but when it comes to you he’s always “busy.” Hmm… interesting.

2. He only cares about himself; his own wants and desires.

Does he stop to ask you how your day is going? If you need anything? And when you tell him that something he does hurts you, does he make any effort to change or apologize? You can only tell someone how you feel so many times before you realize that they are making the decision not to do anything about it. If he doesn’t care about your feelings, but expects you to care about his, let him go sis’.


3. He doesn’t want to be posted on social media.

Now this is iffy. He may genuinely be a private guy who doesn’t see the purpose of posting his intimate, personal relationships online. Or maybe he’s a jackass that tells you he’s that guy but posts a pic with every one of his bros for their birthday, Christmas, and Hanukkah. You must be able to tell the difference. But if every time you go to take a picture with him, there’s either an argument or he jumps out of the moving car, you can start getting suspicious.

4. He’s secretive about his phone, laptop, and account passwords.

If every time you’re around, he’s secretive with his phone and he always leaves it face-down, never wanting to check it around you, that’s a start. If he is especially careful in making sure that his phone or laptop are never left alone with you, that is also questionable. And if he gets extremely defensive about not having to tell you his passwords or let you see his messages… you gotta go.


5. All of his Instagram pictures are at the club or with his friends.

Your Instagram is not always a good representation of your day-to-day life, I get it. But that doesn’t mean that we aren’t still going to make judgements about a person based on the pictures they choose to post. If your man chooses to show that he’s always in the club with the homies, taking up space in somebody else’s booth with somebody else’s bottles, that’s probably where he’ll be for most of your relationship girl.

6. Always tweets/posts about getting girls.

I thought we got over this in high school. Honey, why is every post about how many girls you can get or  how many girls want you? You’re always claiming that every man’s girlfriend wants you, but what about the girlfriend you have at home????


7. He doesn’t have respect for a woman in a relationship.

This is a big no-no. There’s nothing wrong with shooting your shot at a pretty lady you would like to get to know. However, once she says “I’m sorry, I’m in a relationship,” it is time for you to politely bow out. Telling her that you’d be better than her man, or that she’s ugly anyway is not going to make her want to run into your arms.

8. He has that female friend that he always claims is “just a friend.”

This one might just be my favourite. You know that girl… the one who calls his phone at 3 a.m.? The one who is always allowed around him and the homies when he tells you to stay home? The one whose calls he can never seem to answer when you’re around? The “Babe, she’s just my friend. Trust me, nothing is going on.” I always wonder why these boys try to underestimate our intelligence like we don’t know when another female is after our men. It’s like a sixth sense boo.


9. He tells you that you’re insecure for not trusting him.

Maybe he’s cheated on you before, maybe he hasn’t. But if he has given you a reason to believe that he has not been honest and forthcoming with you, DO NOT let that boy diminish your feelings and tell you that you’re insecure. We all have our insecurities. That is for us to know and be conscious of. But please, don’t allow these boys who give you no reason to believe them, the power of making you insecure by constantly telling you that you are.

10. He takes forever to respond to you, but expects you to respond immediately.

This could be a text, a phone call, even a DM. I’m not talking about just once or twice when he’s actually busy. I mean on a consistent basis, this man doesn’t get back to you until you’ve already broken up with him in your head and blocked him 4 times without him knowing. But if you don’t pick up by the second ring he’s already questioning you on your whereabouts. That’s a f*ck boy!

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