First Dates can be an extremely awkward time. Make them a little more chill by getting to know each other and vibe together in a fun, easy-going environment.

Here are a few super cute first date ideas.


Roller-skating, Mini-putt or Pool

Doing an activity is a great way for both of you to loosen up and get comfortable. Whether or not you know how to do the activity, you can learn together. You can laugh at each other and show off your moves (if you have any, of course). Giving a person the opportunity to teach you something new is also a great confidence-booster. It’s a great way to get close physically, without making the situation awkward.



This was is the most obvious. It’s a great atmosphere for conversation, and who doesn’t love food? You can assess the person’s culinary tastes and find out any similarities between the two of you. You can also figure out the type of person they are based on their mannerisms. Did they tip? How much? How did they treat the waiter? Did he pull out your chair for you? Important things to keep an eye out for.


A Fair, Carnival, or Amusement park

If this isn’t the cutest place for a couple, I don’t know what is. These places give you the best of both worlds, you can eat and you can play! You can find out how skilled he is at all of the little game tents, and he may even win you a prize. You can find out whether your date is afraid of heights and get to know what types of games and activities they like. Maybe they don’t enjoy anything and your ideas of fun don’t match. A ferris wheel is also a super cute place for pics.


Museum or Art Gallery 

This is where you’ll find out whether or not you two match up intellectually. You spend the day walking around talking to each other, getting to know each others interests and backgrounds. You can decipher their taste, while gaining an understanding of how they view the world. This gives them a chance to spread some knowledge to you and you can decide if they spark your interest. You can also teach them a thing or two.


Picnic in the park

Another date involving food, but a little more adventurous. This is a little more laid-back than going to dinner and allows you to enjoy great scenery. They key to executing this date is planning ahead of time. Find out how well of a planner your date is by seeing how well they can pack for a picnic and prepare a lunch. Also find out if you share the same feelings toward nature, do they enjoy the outdoors? Do they have any allergies?

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