Relationship weight is the absolute worst! It’s like your partner secretly wants you to gain weight so you won’t up and leave them. Sure sometimes you just want to order in and cuddle up with pizza and wings watching Netflix, and of course you can go out to eat on date nights. Until all of a sudden your clothes don’t fit and your jeans require and extra little wiggle to get into.

The scale starts showing some ridiculous numbers and you wonder why. You stopped trying girl! You got your man and got way too comfortable. When is the last time you went to the gym or did a few crunches? Granted, your man is going to tell you that he loves you just the way you are and convince you that you aren’t fat, but he isn’t the one with love handles and a muffin top.

Now this is where I get confused. Here we both are eating the same crap, not exercising, sleeping schedule all out of whack, but why am I fat and he isn’t? In fact, he’s eating more junk than I am and it still doesn’t show. Don’t let him fool you into thinking you can let yourself go, get a girlfriend to workout with you once a week or sign up for a class yourself. Not only will you feel better physically, but it’s also a little “me time.” And the next time you eat out drop the fries boo. You might start to hate him for not having to trade the soda for water, but it’ll be worth it for you. Hey, you may even encourage him to live healthier too and you can do it together. And if he starts to shred pounds quicker than you, stay strong.

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