Try a new recipe

There are so many quick and easy foods you can make or bake using ingredients you already have at home. But, if you’re feeling adventurous and want to really try your hand at something difficult, go for it! Try making your favourite dish from that restaurant you like, it’s not like you can go and get it now. Get on a recipe site or throw on a cooking channel and find new techniques to amplify your chef skills. I’ve baked cookie, made beef stroganoff, kimchi jjigae, but my favpurite was a garlic soy shrimp pasta with lobster tail… mmm.

Do some yoga or meditate

Moving your body with deep breath and slow motion is a great way to clear your mind. Especially at a time like now, where there’s so much going on in the world. A healthy head-space is key. It may even change your outlook on this time you have and make you appreciative of the opportunity to be present and be still.

Start a new series

Netflix, Disney+, Hulu and all other streaming services are perfect for binge watching. Gone are the days where you’d have to wait a whole week for a measly 20-minute episode. Start the series’ you missed out on when you were too busy (Game of Thrones for me, I certainly missed the hype). Or become a part of the conversation about the show everyone is talking about, currently Tiger King (that b***** Carole Baskin). Binge-watching will make the time fly by.

Watch the movie you’ve been meaning to watch

You know the one. The classic that you never got around to that is always referenced at social gatherings. You keep saying you’ll watch it when you have time, but never do. Catch up on some historical documentaries, perhaps even newer award-winning movies that swept the Oscars last year. Pop yourself a bag of popcorn, pour a glass of wine and curl up on the couch or in bed and hit play.

Learn a new skill

You’d be surprised at what you enjoy and what you’re good at until you try it. I took up drawing and spent hours watching other artists, learning their techniques and looking for inspiration. Whether it be painting, drawing, singing, dancing or writing poetry, try it, study it, have fun! Also, don’t feel pressured into having something to show for it in the end. You don’t need to become the next best-selling author or Picasso 2.0, the process alone is enough, do it for your own enjoyment.

Practice an old hobby

Take your old drum set out of the garage, dust off your old journals in the attic, pull your skipping rope out of the basement. Any old love you’ve abandoned without warning is waiting on you to return. Remember why these things once brought you joy and revisit that.

Take an online course

Many places are offering free or discounted courses knowing people are stuck inside, including Harvard online. Use your downtime to get certified to serve alcohol, teach English, or to officiate a wedding. Maybe you’ve always been interested in finance and want to take a course to figure out how best to come back from this economic downfall. Google some of your interests and enroll in a class.

Set out your goals

Write it down! Long-term and short-term, what do you wish to accomplish? Begin manifesting, make a vision board. Research your dream company or do some background on starting your own business idea. Success is where preparation meets opportunity so make sure you’re prepared. Mentally preparing yourself and being clear and realistic about your goals is the first step in achieving them.

Call a friend

Catch up with the people in your life that are constantly busy. Perhaps you’re that person to someone else and you’ve gone too long without checking. Advances in technology such as FaceTime, WhatsApp or HouseParty make it easier to feel close even though we’re far apart.

Style some outfits

Get in your closet and get dressed up, who cares if you don’t have anywhere to go. When you can finally hit the streets again, you’ll have your fits down-packed from the accessories to the shoes. Mix and match things you wouldn’t usually pair and see how they work together. You can switch your style up with items you already have.

Start a Website/ YouTube channel

Everyone is good at something, share your skill and earn money from it. If this is something you’ve thought about a few times or talked about with friends, you’re probably already a good candidate. There are always new ways to make money on the internet. If you have spunk, charisma, knowledge, and the desire to share your thoughts and experiences, start writing or recording and stop doubting yourself.

Get rid of unnecessary clutter

Grab your garbage bags and throw in anything you haven’t used in the last year. Old make-up, the broken gadget you said you would fix, outdated paperwork, they all can go. Throwing things away can be therapeutic. We tend to hold on to things thinking we may need them again when that’s not the case.

Re-arrange your space

Switching up the vibe in your room can definitely affect your mood. Move your furniture around and it’s like being in a new space entirely. Try to opt for more sunlight, more free space to move around, and more nature elements like plants and flowers. If it’s your style, you can put up an art piece or motivational quote. Being in an environment you enjoy is crucial, especially when you can’t leave.

Download TikTok or Triller

Entertain yourself making funny videos and learning all the new dances the kids are doing these days. TikTok has the internet in a frenzy right now, with all of the creativity people are producing. Test out your own acting, singing and dancing skills on these apps and watch your friends crack you up with their videos too!


…Online of course. You have time to do your research on the products or items you’ve had your eye on for a while. Take your time choosing the right store or brand, read some reviews and start adding things to your cart. Buy some new clothes or make-up while you’re at it, you’ll want to be fresh as ever when you can hit the streets again.

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