Every girl has her own battles in life. And sometimes, the only thing that gets you through it is your friend(s).


The Supportive One

This is the one who will push you to be your best simply by believing in you. She will be your favourite phone call when you get good news, and pulls you up even when it’s bad news. Your news can be as small as getting out of bed on a bad day, she will be a whole cheer squad with a band ensemble for you.


The One Who Makes You Laugh 

She is always there to get you out of your funk, no matter the circumstances. She can make you laugh until your stomach hurts with nothing more than a look. She is always down to go anywhere with you, try something new and take you out of your comfort zone.


The One Who Holds You Accountable

If you tell her that you’re going to do something, you had better get it done. She will call you to make sure that you’re always on top of your shit. She plays a very important role when it comes to school, work, and business.  She knows what you’re capable of and wants to see you succeed, and she won’t allow you to settle for anything less.


The Non-Judgemental One

She always keeps it real. You can tell her absolutely everything without ever feeling like she will use it against you. She is the one who always gives you a different perspective on a situation and is not afraid to tell you when you’re wrong. She keeps all of your secrets and is there to run to for advice whenever you’re  going through it. She is like a diary in human form.


The Reliable One

She always has your back no matter what. Any time you call her, she’s there, no questions asked. She’s the first person you call when you’re stuck in a situation because she will never let you down. She always thinks 10 steps ahead, ready with a solution before there is even a problem. She is intelligent and has amazing common sense and street smarts. You know that everything will work out any time that she’s around.


The Forever Friend

You’ve been through everything together, you have history, she has seen you at your best and your worst and loves you anyways. She isn’t only around for the good times, she’s around for it all. Though you may not talk as often as you used to, or only see each other every few years, nothing ever changes.

And if you’re lucky, you will find all of these people in one friend.

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