So what I’m not going to do in this post is tell you the obvious, annoying things that your parents and profs tell you right before you start university. You know, things like go to bed early, don’t party too hard, eat a healthy breakfast, or don’t give in to peer pressure. We both know you’re going to stumble into a 10 a.m. class on a Tuesday, hung over after barely sleeping three hours ‘cause you believed your friends when they said “Don’t worry, we won’t stay too late.”

I’m going to tell you the super relatable tips that I think will actually make a difference in your university/college experience and keep you from giving up, as we all feel like doing at some point or another.


1. Don’t take it too seriously.

Don’t get me wrong, this can mean different things for different people. If you’re like me and went home early to work on projects way before the deadline or just to be antisocial, this one is for you. You don’t get to make up for lost time that you could’ve been out making connections, talking to people or enjoying the experience that college/university brings. On the other hand, if you’re already a pretty laid-back student, this isn’t an excuse for you to slack off more. Education is important, so focus on what you learn and how to apply it. It isn’t all about grades and having a high GPA if you can’t remember a single thing after the exam.


This one is soo major. If you’re confused about something, ask about it. Turn to the person next to you, raise your hand in class, ask the professor after class or see them in their office hours, this is what they’re getting paid for. Chances are someone else has the same question, it’s not going to make you look stupid. If anything, it shows your prof that you were listening and you actually care.

3. Make friends in your classes.

BRUH if you’re as lazy as me and just couldn’t get out of bed some days, having friends to share notes with you is essential. It works to benefit you both because you can also cover for them on the days that they can’t make it. This also gives you a study partner for when midterms and exams roll around, helping to prep each other makes it a lot less tedious.

4. Bring snacks.

This is self-explanatory. You’re going to get hungry and there’s nothing worse than sitting in class thinking about what you’re going to eat next and not listening to a damn thing the prof is saying. Trust me, that belly-growl during a lecture is not cute.

5. Read the outline!

Then re-read it, then go to sleep and wake up and read it again. Make sure you know exactly what the professor is asking of you on any project, paper or assignment. The slightest misunderstanding can have a huge effect on your grade. There’s nothing worse than putting your all into something and getting a horrible grade because of a minor detail.

6. Start early.

I know you’re probably rolling your eyes because you hear this all the time but you think that procrastination is your best friend and you can get it done the night before. I don’t doubt it, but you shouldn’t have to! I hated the feeling of trying to relax when I knew I had something to do because I was postponing my responsibilities. I had this looming guilt where, no matter how much fun I was having in the moment, I knew I’d have to go home and write this paper or finish this assignment. Work first, then play as hard as you want to.

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