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Traveling has been my passion since I was a little girl and from the time I learned to write, I’ve filled the pages of diaries, notebooks and journals in hopes of one day calling myself a “writer.”

Throughout my teens and early twenties I traveled throughout North America, the Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East while working and studying. After graduating from university with a Bachelors of Journalism, I decided to pack my bags and journey to Asia to begin my life abroad.

I had never been so far on my own, much less lived in another country for a year. Nevertheless, I pushed my fears aside, got the job, booked my flight, packed my bags and moved to South Korea.

While teaching there, I used my time to build my Instagram and YouTube audiences, gain experience for my writing, and traveled as much and as frequently as possible. Visiting places all around Asia including Hong Kong, Thailand, the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, even as far as the African continent. I ended up loving South Korea so much that I decided to stayed for two years instead of one.

Woman sitting in a bathrobe on vacation in Bali.
Woman in red dress at Bali swing in Indonesia

Now I am back home in Toronto, Canada and still traveling frequently. I document my experiences on my social media channels TikTok and Instagram @kaymenina, on my YouTube channel @KaylaAlexandria and here on my blog, KaylaAlexandria.com. This site was created to inspire more young people to pack their bags and book the flights that’ll change their lives and transform their worlds. I aim to help those who want to travel luxuriously while keeping it all practical and fun.

Gain valuable travel tips and learn all about my experiences. Read along and have a laugh, as if you’re chatting with your closest girlfriend. I am so happy to have you here!

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I am an experienced traveler, writer and content creator, constantly looking to partner with new brands. Whether you’re a up-and-coming boutique hotel, a travel agency or travel product company, I would love create high quality content to promote your product, destination or travel related services. Send a message in the form below and we can consult on what will work best for you and your brand!