Before planning your next girls trip, take away some of my do’s and don’t’s based on my personal experiences and don’t make the same mistakes I did!


On one particular trip, myself and a couple of friends, and a couple of friends of friends travelled to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for a week.

Rule no. 1: Friends of your friends are not your friends.

It is important to know exactly who you are traveling with. Even if you think you know, you may not expect the way people react to different situations.

There were a total of 11 women on this trip, call us crazy. Everyone knows that women tend to be catty and get into petty arguments with one another, especially when spending every waking moment together for seven days straight.

Rule no. 2: Traveling with less people is better. 

In theory, having more people means always having at least one person on your side. This is not always true. Not only is having more people problematic when it comes to communication, the group could constantly split up because of the many conflicting opinions.

Deciding what kind of vacation you plan to have from the very beginning is key. If you’re planning on sleeping all day so you can party all night, your vacation is going to be very different from your friend who wants to sit on the beach all day and sleep all night.


Rule no. 3: Decide what you want from the beginning of your trip and make it clear to your friends.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to party or wanting to chill out the whole time. As long as you’re all clear on what’s planned for the day, you don’t have to spend every moment together. You can meet up by the pool, or to grab a bite, and be on your merry way. Don’t get mad at someone else for not having the same interests as you.


Last but not least,


Rule no. 4: Organization is key.

Planning ahead will never get old, especially when trying to book excursions with 11 people. Know what you’re doing, what you need to bring, and what time to be there. And no matter what, have fun!

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